Projects & Results

A Deeper Look Into Our Projects and The Results

Davis Renovation

The problem

The Davis family had a master bedroom and attached bathroom that over the years of hard family living was in a fitful state.  Holes in the walls for plumbing repairs left un-patched, tile in the bathroom broken and coming out, a toilet that was unstable, carpets that were worn down to the pad in places and an old décor that created a feeling of heaviness.

The solution

We discussed the issues and created a plan to do a renovation and makeover of the bedroom/bathroom to bring new life and joy in to their environment.  Together we determined to take out all of the flooring in both rooms strip the walls back removing old molding and patching all areas that needed repair. In the bedroom a new wall texture, prime, paint and installation of new wood flooring made a huge change.  In the bathroom, the broken tile and subflooring were removed and a new moisture resistant subfloor installed before laying the new tile floor.   A new vanity top was installed along with a new sink, mirror and toilet.

The Results

They now have a completely new living space with a light and inviting feeling.  Sheila Davis says, “I now love sitting in my ‘thinking chair’ as I work through the opportunities I have with my home based business.  I used to be uptight about video conferences with clients from this room.  Now I feel confident and comfortable both working and relaxing in my home.”

Before – Holes in wall from a plumbing repair

After – Walls repaired textured and painted

Before – Holes in wall & carpet worn through

After – Walls repaired and new wood flooring

Before – Broken Mirror and countertop

After – New mirror, countertop, sink, texture and painted.

Before – Holes in the walls & shower unfinished

After – Texture, painted and shower finished