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Ennis Gibbs – Rental Property Issues

The problem

Ennis had been notified by the city that the fence on his rental property was not in compliance and the city would begin to assess continuing fines if the fence on the property were not brought into compliance.  The fence height, setback from the sidewalk and visibility did not meet the city’s code and presented a danger to pedestrian traffic. Feeling urgency to resolve the problem and not knowing how,  Ennis contacted Real Property Service.

The solution

We discussed the issue and determined that the simple and cost effective solution would be to remove the existing front section of the fence, salvage most of the components for use in a new fence to be setback the proper 5ft distance. A Zero-scape landscape was put between the fence and sidewalk to make maintenance simple. Sprinklers were moved and decorative see-through panels were put in the top half of the fence to meet the city’s visibility and pedestrian safety requirements.

The Results

In a four day timeframe this rental property was brought into compliance with the city regulations and the visual appeal of the home was improved immensely.  Ennis was never assessed any fines and says, “I now own the best looking property on the block.”

Before – The Fence was non-compliant with the city’s codes

After – New fence using many of the old fence components and a lattice see through top for pedestrian safety