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A Deeper Look Into Our Projects and The Results

Hardy – Home Remodel and addition

The problem

Tonya’s happy little cottage home was built in 1938 and it lacked the flexibility she desired in the small kitchen for her to pursue the enjoyment of cooking. The kitchen area was smaller than most camp trailers and the dining room would not hold a table with two people setting down to eat.   Tonya wanted a large kitchen with an island to provide her the space she desired to pursue her hobby of the culinary arts.  There just was no room in the house for this.

The solution

Together it was determined that a small addition to the front of the house would need to be made expanding the kitchen and dining areas. The front wall of the house would be opened up and the house would be extended out 10 feet.  This would create one open dining and kitchen area where a large kitchen could be created. But wait, this also provided the opportunity to upgrade the living room also since it would now have a large open archway into the kitchen. Boo Yah!

The Results

Tonya’s dream kitchen is now her pride and joy where she relaxes from the stress of daily life while  experimenting with the new recipes she creates using the fresh Herbs she now raised in the front herb garden created in her front yard.  Evenings she sits by the gas fireplace to peruse in one of her many cookbooks or watches cooking shows on the new entertainment center in the remodeled living room.  “This is my dream home which I did not really know could be created until I worked with Real Property Service.” – Tonya Hardy

Before – The left side of the house was extended 10 ft opening up the kitchen and dining area.

After – Great care was taken to keep the old style cottage design of the home. A herb garden was created to compliment the home and support the cooking experience.

Before – The 8 x 8 kitchen was too small for more than one person to be in at a time.

After – Extending out the front wall 10 feet opened the kitchen up to a generous working space

Before – The narrow dining room also had the microwave and storage from the kitchen

After – expanding the space a custom built in storage bench dining set was created to make room for the family get together.

Before – The living room had the entry door open in the middle of the room.

After – The entry was moved forward the ceiling raised 3 feet and a built in entertainment center created.

Before – The fireplace was a standard fireplace with a non-impressive mantel

After – Extending the ceiling and fireplace created a more spacious feeling in a room that remained the same size.