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Helgesen Law Offices –New Office Conversion to Conference Rooms

The problem

Jack had leased the adjoining office space after the old tenant moved.  He wanted to connect this space with his current office. The office space needed to be cleared out and the rooms modified to become conference rooms.  They also had to match the interior and complement the design of the existing offices where the attorneys worked.

The solution

We discussed the issue and developed a plan to connect the two offices via a new entry door and to remove the existing worn out carpet replacing it with wood flooring in the entry and hallway while replacing the office areas with removable commercial carpet squares for the new conference rooms.  The entire office space would be cleared out.  All of the walls, ceiling and trim would be repainted and electrical power drops put in the floor of each conference room.  The largest conference room would have a large flat screen monitor installed for presentations and meetings.

The Results

Helgesen’s new conference space provides confidential conference rooms where their attorney’s consult with clients, take depositions, and negotiate with opposing council.  The space is easily accessed from their main lobby and the interior design complements their original office.  “This new conference area is a boost to the productivity of our practice.”  Was the comment from Jack on the work performed by Real Property Service.

Before – The carpet was worn and walls needed holes patches and painted

After – New wood flooring and paint

Before – Doorway cut into the adjoin office area. Slate tile transition to the new wood flooring

After – Second access door to the new office area

Before – One of the old offices used as a storage area.

After – Repainted and commercial removable carpet squares installed in the new conference rooms