A Deeper Look Into Our Projects and The Results

A Deeper Look Into Our Projects and The Results

Melanie – Replaced Flooring in a newly purchased home

The problem

Melanie was downsizing from her large East side home and purchased a quaint town home to purchase.  The décor did not fit what she desired for her new living space.  Real hardwood flooring throughout the home is what she wanted and she needed it installed in a few short days as she was entertaining her family for the Holidays in two weeks.  She also was hoping to remove the carpet from the main stair case and have custom stair treads installed in their place.  Whew a big task!

The solution

Meeting with Melanie we were able to plan a way to remove all the original flooring and get half of the flooring installed so that her movers could use this area to unload the moving van with her household items without having to pay an extra storage fee while the floors were being installed.  We finished the rest of the floor and built custom stair treads onsite to match the new Hickory wood flooring allowing plenty of time for her to move in, organize and decorate for the Holiday season with family.

The Results

Melanie was so excited to have Hickory wood flooring throughout the main living areas of her new home. While she was downsizing she did not have to compromise on the quality of the décor she desired in her new home. Time was a key issue as she was planning a relaxing Holiday with family. Custom construction of the stair treads to go on a staircase not designed for standard wood treads created the perfect solution to Melanie’s desire. “I love the rich feeling this wood floor generates in my home.  I was amazed at how beautiful the grand stair case turned out.” – Melanie

Before – The main floor area had the original carpet and a laminate floor in the kitchen area.

After – The real hickory wood flooring was installed to bring the living room, dining room and kitchen together.

Before – This is a video of the custom hickory stair bullnose that was made to match the wood flooring

After –The stairs were stained to match the flooring. This provided an elegant look to the town home.