Projects & Results

A Deeper Look Into Our Projects and The Results

Nef – Update a family bedroom

The problem

The brick and block wall to this corner bedroom made it very cold in the winter months.  Doug started the project and installed new walls with insulation however he did not have the time to drywall paint and trim the room. Working a full time job and taking on a renovation project was taking its toll on his time.

The solution

The Nef family contacted Real Property Service to see if they could afford to have the rest of the project work completed for them.  The reasonable price and quality of work that they had reviewed from their neighbors project that Real Property Service had just completed convinced them to move forward with this project.

The Results

Doug was happy to see the room finished in just a few days and best of all it freed up his time off work to pursue the things he enjoyed doing. Linda, was excited to have this new room ready for a daughter who was coming to visit from out of state for a few days.

Before – The room had been framed and insulated it needed to be finished

After – The drywall was installed and finished in two days

After – New trim was installed around the windows, floor and a crown mold to the ceiling prior to final paining. The wood floor was refinished to create a beautiful “Warm” room.