The Plumbing has been in business since 1978

Constructing an addition to expand the space in your home.  Removing and rearranging walls to create a better living space in your home, Finishing that big open basement that you are now using as a storage area. Real Property Service is a full service contractor to take on these major remodel construction projects. Using a 3D modeling program to let you see and feel the changes before the construction begins. Contact us for a consultation.

Changing the paint, adding wallpaper, upgrading the floor from carpet to hardwood or adding tile to update your property.  Replacing cabinets, updating fixtures, installing nick knack’s. Real Property Service has the expertise to provide these upgrade services to your property. Let’s get you an estimated proposal

Have a hole in your wall you want fixed, maybe it’s a door that is broken or the faucet, bathtub or toilet that is running water when it shouldn’t.  You just need a handyman to come and fix the problem. Contact us now to schedule a service date.

Are you looking for regular scheduled maintenance work to be taken care of  like house and office cleaning, lightbulb replacement, window washing, lawn and garden work, leaf and slow removal. Click here to set up your maintenance service.